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Multilayer Garage Wall Protector Car Door Protectors (2-Pack(White)

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Original price $19.99
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  • Thicker is Better – The GWP03 wall protector comes with a 1.18-inch thickness in an area of 11.81in x 3.94in, which provides perfect impact absorption up to 573lb, preventing damage from any potential impacts when parking in the garage.
  • Fiberglass Mesh Adhesive Structure – Reinforced adhesive strength by its unique integrated back fiberglass mesh which maximizes its gripping force and allows the wall protectors to be removed without tearing the soft protector or leaving marks on the wall.
  • Compatible with Various Walls – GWP03 wall protector has excellent performance on dry and dust-free surfaces, including tile walls, glass, metal sheets, painted walls in good adhesion condition, dry brick walls, plank, sand light walls, and raw cement walls. Please make sure the surfaces are dry and clean before applying the protectors.
  • Pillow-Level NBR Foam – Every touch on the wall guard’s surface is soft and comfortable just like a nice pillow. Its nitrile rubber is an odorless and environmentally friendly material commonly used in the medical industry.
  • Flame and Water Resistance - The GWP03 wall protectors were made with flame-retardancy and water resistance, non-toxic NBR & EVA materials, ensuring an effortless garage while also ensuring safety.

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