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Rustic Walnut Wide Plank (Face Grain) Countertop

Rustic Walnut Countertop Details

Wide plank countertops (also called face grain) are made with the board face turned up, using random width planks that run the full length of the countertop. All of our Rustic Walnut wood countertops are custom-made to your specifications at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. Wide plank (face grain) wood also makes great desktops and table tops.

Please Note: Because each piece of wood has its own unique character, grain and color will vary from the sample images shown. All wood countertops are custom made to order. All orders revised or cancelled after going into production (within 24 hours after order is received) will have a restocking fee of up to 50%.

Warranty Information: Please carefully read all warranty information, including installation instructions and timeframe.

About Our Rustic Walnut

Rustic Walnut Countertops are made up of 40% Sap Wood and 60% Heart wood. These pieces are full of character. From their filled knots to their other filled texture imperfections, all pieces have tons of character. Not to mention, all the imperfections are filled, so no functionality is lost due to the rustic construction of these beautiful countertops. Due to the rustic nature of these boards, they have broad color variations that make every piece unique. No one is quite like another, making every single piece one of a kind. If you’re looking for a unique, custom piece that will turn heads, Rustic Walnut will impress.

Rustic Walnut Wide Plank Countertops will have filled knots.

Rustic Walnut Countertop Options


We can make your countertop up to 1 ¾” thick, 84'' wide, and 138" long.


You can get your countertop with a variety of finish options, including acrylic polyurethane, poured epoxy, and mineral oil. Get a clear finish or choose from a large selection of stain color options.

If you want to finish the countertop yourself, we can also ship the wood unfinished. However, we do not recommend leaving it unfinished since wood can easily absorb moisture and crack or warp over time.

Edge Detail and Texture

Further customize your countertop with a variety of artisan edge details. Go for a natural look with rustic or faux live edge. For those who like a symmetrical appearance, we offer a variety of other details like beveled edge and bullnose. Further control the look of your countertop with a texture expertly applied by our craftsmen.

If you prefer to have your countertop sanded smooth and have no texture, be sure to select NONE in the Textures Options.

Wire Brushed texture works best on wood with an open grain, such as Walnut. On other tighter grain wood species the Wire Brushed Texture will not have the same effect and will not be as visible.

Cuts and Prepping

Need to leave a cutout for your sink or stove? Want custom joint prepping to make your countertop easy to install? Let us know by selecting Custom CNC Cuts and/or Angle Cuts and Joint Prepping.

Most of our woodworkers are craftsmen from the local Amish community, providing great attention to quality and detail at every step of the manufacturing process.

Shipping Information

All wood countertops are custom made to order. Shipping may vary depending on your customization options. Please provide for a standard lead of 1 to 2 weeks for processing, milling, and shipping of countertop orders.

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